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The team at Manor House Funerals are doing all we can to ensure that our clients and their families are safe when they visit our branches and during the funerals that we arrange for them. Here, we have some frequently asked questions about arranging and attending a funeral. 

Can I meet you at your branch?

If your preference is to meet in person at one of our branches, we can arrange this but please note that it will be by appointment only and for a maximum of two visitors. All our staff wear masks, and we require anyone who comes to our branches to do this as well. Hand sanitiser is provided at all our branches.

Can you come to my home for a meeting?

We can still meet with you at your home under specific circumstances. Please get in touch for more details. Other options include meeting at one of our socially distanced branches or communicating by phone, email or using an online platform such as Zoom.

Can I visit my loved one in one of your chapels of rest?

Visiting a loved one in a chapel of rest is permitted, subject to wearing a mask, hand sanitising and maintaining social distancing. This is for your safety and that of our staff. As mentioned above, a maximum of two family members may be on our premises at any one time. Additional family members may wait outside if they wish, until someone leaves when they can enter the branch on a 'one in, one out' basis.

Will you still provide funeral cars?

We are currently providing limousines, but with only one family grouping per vehicle. Passenger numbers have been reduced to keep the front passenger seat free, in line with social distancing guidelines. The Funeral Director will usually travel separately from the hearse.  

Mourners who are COVID-positive may still attend the funeral, but they MUST notify the Funeral Director of their health status and arrange to make their own way to the funeral.

How many mourners are allowed at a funeral?

We operate in line with the current government guidelines about the maximum number of mourners. On date of writing this is: 

‘Funeral ceremonies must have no more than 30 people attending, whether indoors or outdoors. This number does not include funeral staff.’

How do I pay my respects if I can’t attend the funeral?

If you’re unable to attend a funeral, other ways to pay your respects include socially distanced lining of the street (near the deceased's home), lining the route that the funeral cortege will take or lining the drive at the crematorium or cemetery. Some mourners traditionally choose to pay their respects by bowing their heads as the funeral cars pass, but it is now quite accepted to clap instead.

You can find the full guidance on the government's website here.

We appreciate that you may have questions about the above points so please do get in touch and we will do all we can to help.


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