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Coffin, funeral cars and flowers


The choice of coffin, or urn for cremated ashes, is an important one. If your loved one hasn't specified what they would like, we have a wide range that we can review with you. As well as the traditional wooden coffins, we can also provide:

  • Wicker, bamboo, wool, cardboard, and seagrass as environmentally-aware alternatives
  • For a coffin that reflects what your loved one was interested, we also offer coffins printed with a floral, landscape, sporting or abstract design
  • If you would prefer a unique coffin, there is the option of a bespoke design that could include a dedicated message or poem, or an image that reflects your loved one's life


There are two types of transportation to consider; the hearse which will take your loved one to their final place of rest and transport for you and your family to the funeral. 


We offer a choice of limousines or a beautiful hearse, with the option of a horse drawn hearse.

Funeral cars

Our fleet of funeral cars includes modern limousines. 


A floral tribute is a beautiful way to show sympathy, love and respect at a funeral. Many styles and sizes of arrangement are available, usually with the option of having a bespoke element such as a name or a short message.

Our brochure will help you and your family make a choice that's right for you.


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