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Memorials and stationery

To honour your loved one, we can provide a range of memorials, stationery, and small keep-sake items. We will review the options with you to help you decide which is most appropriate.


A memorial gravestone or marker provides a lasting tribute to the person who has passed away. Many different options are available. We can advise on the rules that apply to a specific cemetery.

Among the types of memorial available are headstones, vases, grave markers, and tree plaques for the site of the burial or urns for cremated ashes.

We can arrange for the memorial to be made and also for inscriptions, repair, and maintenance. 

Memorial stationery

Printed stationery such as order of service cards, condolence cards and thank you cards help to inform and structure the funeral as well as acting as mementoes for friends and family. We can advise on the layout and wording and arrange the printing. 

Memorial keepsakes

Other items that we can arrange to help you remember your loved one include:

  • Keyrings - with your favourite photograph
  • Jewellery - the ashes of your loved one can be transformed into a diamond and mounted into a beautiful piece of jewellery
  • Keepsake urns - designed to hold a small amount of cremated remains
  • Pressed flower pictures - a skilled flower presser can produce lovely pictures using some of the funeral flowers


What they say

We ensure that your loved ones are treated with the utmost dignity and respect.

All Testimonials
A respectful, professional service throughout the 3 week period from the passing of my mother until her funeral. Questions, needs, advice were dealt with promptly and with great empathy for family members. Visits to the parlour were excellent and family felt supported. The team listened to and met all our wishes. The whole funeral day we were treated with compassion and respect and my mother was treated with the utmost dignity. Thank you, Simon and everyone else. 
Rowena Gilchrist
2nd Jun 2020

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