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Using digital technology to help you

We believe that it is essential to keep our practices and procedures as up to date as we can to best serve our clients' needs.

An important part of this is recognising the importance that digital technology has and incorporating into our services developments that improve ease, efficiency and of course, safety. 

Broader access to funerals

There is an increased use of live video streaming at funerals to allow those who are not able to attend tp participate. The service can be filmed and broadcast in real time over the internet (for example on Facebook) for anyone to view.

Arranging a funeral remotely

Social distancing requirements have resulted in an increasing reliance on remote means of communication to organise a funeral. We have put systems in place using phone, email and platforms such as Zoom so that a client can make all arrangements, simply and smoothly, without needing to meet anyone in person. 

Being able to share, send, sign, return and submit documents electronically offer a simple way of making all arrangements at a distance.

These means of remote communication also offer benefits to clients who don’t live locally or who have difficulty in travelling. 

Social media  

We regularly update our social media channels with news and blogs to keep our communities informed. You can find us on FaceBook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram.

Our Obituaries website page offers opportunities to share memories, write messages and even to donate to a chosen charity.

Price comparison sites

To assist someone organising a funeral to understand the costs and budget effectively, comparison sites offer an overview of prices and the options available from specific funeral companies. From April 2021 funeral directors will be required by the recognised professional associations to publish prices on their websites. This is to ensure clarity and a like-for-like evaluation of services. You can find our price list here.

Your choice of music and images

To help share memories of a loved one, there is access to a massive library of online music and recordings that can be downloaded and used at funeral or memorial services. Editing software gives the opportunity to edit and personalise photos and videos to a very significant degree.

This is just a snapshot of how we are using digital technology to give you a helping hand when you need it most. Please let us know if you would like further information about any of these areas.

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