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Pre-paid plans

Why pay for a funeral in advance?

A pre-paid funeral plan allows you to cover the cost of your own or someone else's funeral so that when the time comes, there is minimal expense. 

Our funeral plan

Manor House Funerals offers the Golden Charter pre-paid plan.

Golden Charter is the UK's largest independent funeral plan provider. After more than 30 years of operation, over 700,000 people have taken out a Golden Charter pre-paid funeral plan.

Golden Charter is owned by an association of independent funeral directors working solely on behalf of nearly 3,000 independent funeral directors throughout the UK - more than any other funeral plan provider. They are the only provider recommended by the Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors (SAIF).

When taking out a Golden Charter funeral plan, you have the reassurance that your money is protected. You select how you wish to pay for your plan and, depending on your choice, your money is paid either into the Golden Charter Trust or to one of the UK’s leading life assurance companies.

How it works

Your money grows and, when the time comes, your selected funeral director receives the payment, including any growth, and uses this money to provide the agreed services to your family. No matter how much costs have risen in the intervening period, your loved ones will not be asked for a penny more for your funeral director’s services, which are guaranteed within your plan.

For further information and prices, please visit the Golden Charter website by clicking here.

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